Sunday, March 12, 2006

Top 8 Excellent Elements of Miss Em

While I realize that this is a day late...I still have it in my, it must be in print:)
1. Number one would have to be THE HAIR...this girl's hair catches the attention of many complete strangers.

2. The wave - Emma knows no strangers, and she will wave until she gets the person's attention.

3. Her size - I call Miss Em my "sweet petite". She is the very meaning of "great things come in small packages".

4. The eyebrows - Emma's favorite thing is to show people her eyebrows. She has the cutest impression of Groucho Marks that I have ever seen.

5. Determination - if Emma wants to do something she will not stop until she gets it done...even if she has been told no 4 times and sat in time out...she will proceed to attempt to do it.

6. No-No - Emma waves her finger side to side while saying "No-No"! She definitely gets her point across.

7. Her sweetness - Emma loves to gives loves and mooches to Mommy and Daddy. She knows if someone is sad, and she knows how to make you smile.

8. Her dancemoves - She develops a new one every day...put them all together and she's got a pretty interesting combo.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your little angel.

P.S.She is so darn cute with the hotpads on her hands.

Anonymous said...

Or are they mittens?