Saturday, March 18, 2006

2 Days to go!!!

Well, I missed another day! Where does the time go? Actually, I wanted to put some extra thoughts into this post. It is very near and dear to my heart (as they all are), but I wanted to think about it a little more.

2 Days to go - and 2 little angels we've met along our journey

Our journey has been one of many hills and valleys. Fortunately, we have met some "fellow travelers" along the way. It is a journey that no one wishes to go on, but when you find yourself on your way it is nice to have others along with you. Two of the families that we have become very close to are families that both had children with heart transplants. The children's names were Louie and Annemarie. Their parents have become some of our closest friends. Our children were so fortunate to get to share their love with each other (a love so pure...they all knew nothing other than love). While we were in Denver, we met Annemarie and her parents. Annemarie was waiting for a heart (she did receive it 4 months later). You would never have known that little girl was sick. She had so much life in her...she just shined. We did not meet Louie until after we had returned home. We met him and his parents on a donor awareness walk. We instantly knew there was a connection with this family. They were so "real", and Louie was so amazing. Louie was Emma's very best buddy...her eyes lit up each time that she saw him.

Yes, we were 3 families traveling along the same transplant journey...and we ALL lived within a 200 mile radius (which is unheard of in Montana and Wyoming!). We shared stories about our children. We laughed together, and we cried together. They are the only mothers that I could talk to that knew what I was going through.

Then, the day came. I had spoken to Annemarie's mom on the phone the night before. I heard Annemarie in the background running around and laughing so lovingly at her mom. So, when I got a call from her mom the next night saying that she had passed away...I was DEVASTATED!! I cannot describe the emotion that I felt. How could this happen when she was so full of life just the night before?

Six short months later...another devastating call would come...when Louie's mom called and told me that Louie had passed away. We had just spent the weekend with Louie and his mom...and we had a wonderful time. Emma LOVED playing with Louie. We all went swimming together. Memories that I will cherish forever. Again, I asked myself, "How could this happen when he was so full of life just days before?".

Although our journeys have taken different paths now, they are still the friends that I confide the most in. Louie's mom is one of my very best friends...I tell her everything. We all wonder why life has led us on this journey? We wonder why life turns out the way that it does?

I know one thing is true. If I would not have been placed on the transplant journey I would not have had the opportunity to meet these two beautiful angels and their familes. They were meant to be a part of our lives! Miss Emma now has 2 angel friends that will remain in her heart, and our as well, forever.


LCRsMom said...

Touching and sad post. What a gain for their families to have such sweeties in their lives, and what a loss to be missing them.

Sarah said...

That is sad. Glad to hear that you have remained friends though.

Becca - momofnataliebear said...

Oh, Angie....I am so sorry.

Thank you for sharing the stories of those Angels with us.