Thursday, March 16, 2006

Good luck comes in 3's - 3 Days to go!

�Good Luck Comes in 3�s� Only 3 Days to Go!!!!

I have been teaching my class about the legend of the shamrock, and I learned that the Irish believe that good luck comes in threes. So, the shamrock is good luck because it has 3 leaves. Hmmm? While remembering the last 2 1/2 years that my child has been on this Earth, I have been thinking about the 3 times where I felt the most lucky.

1. I am very very lucky to be the mother of Emma. In many ways she has taught me more in 2 1/2 years than I have learned in my life. She has taught me to truly appreciate every day, every hour, every minute, every breath. She has taught me to smile no matter what the situation. Yes, even a 6 week old baby can teach that to her mother� when she is on her way to surgery and she smiles for the very first time. She has taught me that it is OK to live outside of the norms, and to even enjoy it most of the time. She has taught me the power of being able to express love without needing words.

2. We were very lucky that Emma was transplanted at the time that she was. Although she was VERY sick at the time�it really could have been so much worse. Many children wait and wait on the transplant list until they are so sick that they must be listed as status 1 (only 7 days to live), by that time their little bodies are so sick that it is more difficult for them to recover. Even more devastating is the fact that so many die while waiting for a transplant.

3. We are very very lucky that Emma has done SO well post transplant. There are so many children that we know that are having severe complications post transplant. Emma�s liver has been rock solid (Knocking on wood), and her numbers have consistently been �normal��normal is good!! We are also fortunate to have the medical team and technology available in today�s world. Even 10 years ago Emma would not have been able to have the kind of transplant that she did (split liver). She would have had to wait for a whole infant liver�which would have possibly meant a very long wait�and quite possibly not a good outcome.

Yes, we are lucky, and we are blessed!! Just take a look at this miracle that I get to see every single day.

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful picture of Miss Emma :)

LCRsMom said...

There is certainly a lot to learn about a transplant. I am so thankful, from what you have shared about the difficulties of transplants for the patient, that Miss Emma received hers and is doing so well!

Sarah said...

That Hair!!!!!