Saturday, July 29, 2006

Hell's Angels Taking Over???

Our little town happens to be the lucky place for the 2006 world reunion of the Hell's Angels. A town of 10,000 is now also inhabitted by 2,000 hells angels. Our law enforcement has overeacted maybe just a little. We have 100 police cars, 2 helicopter surveilance, 25 DCI (Department of Criminal Intent), cops on motorcycles, undercover cops, etc. While this does ease the fears of the may be just a bit of overkill. The thing that gets me is ALL of these law enforcement people are giving tickets for EVERY LITTLE THING including a man riding his bike too close to the sidewalk, many people have been cited for jaywalking, people have received tickets for having a crack in their windshield.

I am just in awe of all of the Hell's Angels, and it has made me wonder just exactly what their lifestyle is. There is not much information on the internet about them. I know they are the "bad boys" of the motorcycle clubs, but do they have jobs, families, etc? Some of them are ENORMOUS (some very tall, and some VERY round....although I would not want to tell them that!).

I have to laugh at Miss Emma however. Wouldn't it be nice to be a child again, and have no fear of people? She sees the Hell's Angels and she waves and smile.....turns even the meanest looking of men to absolute putty!

She just HAD to wear her motorcycle shirt today! Here she is "dreaming" about life in the fast lane! Have a GREAT week!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

A moment to reflect

My blog has been a little quiet lately. There are a few reasons for that.

First, it is simply amazing how a teacher who "has the summer off...ha, ha" can keep so incredibly busy!!! We have home projects, conferences, and oh yes...the almost 3 year old who I chase around all day long!

Second, it seems that every couple of months I go into a little bit of a funk for about a week. During this funk I just want to be by myself. Just ask my husband....I really am not myself. I find myself trying to sort things out...trying to figure out "why" to a question that I will never know. I continually beat myself up during that time for "what I should have done different during my pregnancy" (which includes not taking the medication that my OB prescribed that the pharmacist said "I've never heard of a pregnant woman using this"....but believing that "my OB knew best"...why didn't I question that more???? Or maybe when my OB prescribed some med for a yeast infection during my 1st trimester...which I later read in the handout enclosed "not to be used in the 1st trimester of pregnancy"...why didn't I read that earlier???? Again, I THOUGHT that my OB knew what was best! Or, maybe it was just the lime frenzy that I went on in my 1st trimester! I ate 3 limes a day...just peeled them and ate them like oranges. They were so sweet...UGH! HMMMM?? I will question all of these things until the day that I die.....then, I will have my list of questions ready for "the man upstairs"!!

Third, anytime that Emma goes through a vommiting bout is very very bad for my mental status! I just cannot handle it. I went for 2 1/2 years of having her vomit between 1-4 times a day. In April we finally figured some things out, and she went almost 2 months without throwing up at all. Then, KABOOM! It starts again...WHY!!!! I cannot even begin to explain how much better my emotional well being was during that 2 mths!!! So much less stressful! So, I took bananas out of her diet 3 days vomitting!!! I think she now has an allergy to bananas (along with dairy, soy, rice, wheat, eggs, nuts, and shellfish....sigh!). As long as I know what it is....I CAN handle it:).

And, last but not least, forth... I can only blame it on scrapbooking! AND, to must have pictures. So, of course I have been taking many pictures of Miss Em. I thought I would share one with you. During my "funk" I had one day where I just couldn't quit crying. So, I loaded Em into the car and we went to the river. It is amazing how calming flowing water can be to the soul. Emma loved it!!

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