Sunday, March 19, 2006

2 years ago today

Wow! 2 years ago today we received the call that we had been waiting for. The call that we knew we needed to receive for our child to have a chance. A chance to grow, learn, and love. She has done those things and so much more! She truly is an amazing gift from God, and I thank him each and every day for giving her one more day to be here with teach us. Today, we are cherishing the time that we get to spend with our angel here on Earth.

The memories are flooding my mind . I thought I would post a photo recap of the last 2 years. You've come a long long way baby girl!

This picture was taken the day before Emma's transplant! Look at those eyes (but she is still smiling)

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Here she is a few days after transplant. Her tummy is a little swollen, but look at that look of mischief!

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Miss Emma celebrating her 1st year transplant birthday

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We had a transplant celebration for Emma on St. Patrick's Day. Here is our little Irish Lass...enjoying the day!

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LCRsMom said...

Simply wonderful!

Laurie said...

Happy Liver Birthday, Emma! I hope y'all had a WONDERFUL day!

Stacy - Tanner's mom said...

Oh Angie - that is the cutest picture ever (in the big green hat). I just love that picture! How full of life she is!

Happy anniversary, Emma!

Becca - momofnataliebear said...

Oh, now it's my turn to cry as I read (or look at, rather) your website. How glorious!!!

Those pre-trans eyes did it to me. What a miracle girl you have there.

Heather said...

Four years ago my daughter received a heart transplant, and is currently in the process of needing another, so I share your joy in "the day the call came!"

Your daughter is beautiful!

espresso bean said...

OMG she's just beautiful! Look at that HAIR. :o)

Patyrish said...

Oh those photos gave me a huge lump in my throat and a smile at the same time. Her eyes were beautiful even with all that yellow. She has come a long way. What a miracle angel girl!