Wednesday, March 15, 2006

4 Days to go until Emma's BIG day!!!

I have to start today by telling you that this day did NOT start off right!! I went in to Emma's room at 6:45 (same time I always do. I make sure that I am completely ready, the car is packed, I go in, give meds, get her dressed, do her hair, give her her cup of milk, and we are in the car by 7:10). Well, today Miss Emma had other plans. I entered her room and found her in a very messy situation...and she was signing "potty" to me. Usually very cute, however when she is sitting in it and I am on a time schedule it is NOT CUTE!! So, I gave Emma a bath, washed her hair (yes, it was IN her hair), blew her hair dry, french braided it, got her dressed, gave meds, got her cup of milk, and we were in the car by 7:13....are you impressed or what??? I have to say that I was impressed with myself:) When I started the car a song that used to play on the radio a lot when we were in Denver was playing.....the lyrics go like this...."I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell, I know right now you can't tell, but wait awhile and maybe then you'll see, a different side of me." What an appropriate song for that moment!

OK, so onto the post for the day. Only 4 days to go. Because of the song that was on the radio this morning I thought I would post the 4 songs that remind me the most of Emma:

1. Beautiful - by Jim Brickman - It tells about seeing the colors of the rainbow and seeing the most beautiful sunsets, but I have never seen anything as beautiful as you. So true of our beautiful girl.

2. She's a Butterfly - by Martina McBride - This song was very popular when we were in Denver, and I remember thinking that the song was the best way to describe the transformation that our daughter had made. The song says "She remembers when she first got her wings, and how she opened up the day she learned to sing, then the colors came erased the black and white, and her whole world changed when she realized SHE'S A BUTTERFLY". At one point in the song it says "And everywhere she goes, everybody knows, she's so glad to be alive!" So very true of our child that smiles to everyone whether she knows them or not!

3. In My Daughter's Eyes - by Martina McBride - This song goes right to my heart everytime I hear it. It tells about my daughter looking at me and seeing a hero, but truly she is MY hero. She really is my hero and my inspiration.

4. Angels Among Us - by Alabama - The title says it all. Emma really is an angel among us, and we are blessed with each day that she remains with us!! I pray that it is many many many more years to come!!!


LCRsMom said...

Isn't it amazing how the songs, at the most crucial times in our lives, can reach out from the radio and grab our attention? When Lily was in the hospital, "Calling All Angels" by Train was always playing when I got in my car. The words held my heart. Music can be such a healer. There were times where I wouldn't cry until I heard a song that matched my feelings. I love these lists! It's great to come by and read a new one each day!

2DISCO said...

I QUIT!!! Listen, Kleenex makes enough money. Sheesh your post kicked my butt! Reading your surgery post tears were streaming and my head was bobbing. The feelings were as if I was walking beside you. You should write a book. Can not wait to see you. Talk with you soon......B

Sarah said...

Love all those songs, and I am still loving this countdown!