Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long Time.....

Where do I even begin? It has been SO long since I have blogged. However, there is a reason....I decided that I would not blog until I was in a better place. It's been pretty dark the last several months, and I just needed to have something positive to say before I could come back here....I needed this for me.

So, I am VERY glad to say that today's post is FULL of good news. Let's start with Emma....who will be a Kindergartener again (yes, it will be for the 3rd time....and it is completely because of her parent's out of the box thinking:). We are thrilled that our district has agreed to do this for many reasons. First, Emma is TINY! She looks like a 3 or 4 year, she will fit right in with the incoming Kdg. Second, that is exactly where her skills are....she recognizes letters, is learning how to write her name, etc. Third, She will go with this class all through school, and she will be 20 when they all graduate, therefore her peers will not graduate before her and leave her there for another year or two. And last but not least....she will be able to be with typical children most of the day. We are very excited for her.

Then, there is the wonderful news....Emma will be going to a new school!!! Yeah!!! After many many many many issues with her sped teacher this year (that we are not going to talk about because this is the good news post after all), we asked to have her moved at the beginning of next year. The staff that will be working with her has come out to observe, and they have been SOOOO positive! It has been great, and I am hopeful once again that Emma will be in a very good place. She will go from a school of 27 (kdg. through 5th) to a school of 260! YIKES!! But, I feel that it is a GREAT move!! for my great news! I will also be moving to the school that Emma is going to:)! YIPPEEEE!! Now, I will not be Emma's teacher, and I will not even be teaching in the same grade as her (I will teach 1st grade). However, if I stayed at the old school I would've been 30 miles away from both of my kids....and that just didn't make any sense. Plus, I would have to continue to work with the Sped teacher....and that's just not a good idea, so I am going to transfer....and I am VERY excited...and nervous....but mostly excited:).

In Owen news....he's doing great! He celebrated his 2nd birthday and he is DEFINITELY 2, but as his speech progresses...his tantrums lessen, so the sun is shining a little more in our neck of the woods.

Oh, and other good news! Tim (my hubby) graduated with his master's 2 weeks, he can now become a principal. I don't think that we'll move next year, but we'll see what the next year brings.

So, that is our update. Life is GREAT! We are a happy little household, which is very welcome indeed after the year that we've had. It's all good!!:)

Here are a couple of pics of my cuties:)...they're from Easter, but I haven't posted in a LONG time!