Saturday, March 18, 2006

One more day!!!!

With only one day left until Emma's transplant anniversary...there is one family weighing heavy on my mind, and my heart. A family that will not have a celebration tomorrow. A family that will have so many memories to relive, but no more memories to be made. This family received a very tragic call on March 19th 2 years ago. It was the call saying that their child had been life-flighted to the hospital. Their beautiful child that had gone skiing with her youth group for spring break. I cannot even begin to imagine their grief on that day. In a time that we are joyous that our child is still alive, this family is mourning the loss of their beautiful daughter. Their daughter was Emma's donor. Without this family making the choice to donate during their time of horrific grief...Emma might not be here today either.

Emma's donor was a seventeen year old girl. A girl who was so excited to graduate from High School in May. She had her life cut short by a tragic skiing accident...on her first time EVER skiing!! She was a beautiful girl!

So, tomorrow we will celebrate. It is a huge milestone to make it 2 years after a transplant! It will be a joyous time for us, but we will also think about our donor family. Their daughter is a beautiful angel now...but I am sure that their hearts will be aching.


Mary - Kaitlyns Mom said...

Happy 2nd Tx Anniversary! - Hope mommy gives you lots of cake today!

Celebrating your special day and keeping your donor family in my prayers.

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary Emma!!!

Prayers for the donor family.