Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Divine Intervention?????

To say that yesterday "ended with a BANG" would be a mild understatement! Granted, it was a pretty uneventful day...the weather was good, school went well....then, we went to WAL-MART (the most evil place of all)! Shopping went well, and we were just about to leave when it happened. Right there in the front isle of the store...right in front of all of the cash registers...YES, Emma puked...GROSS (and frustrating and embarrassing, and sad...for Emma...all emotions wrapped into one horrible moment). Well, I am used to this (although Super Mom did not come out to save me...you know the cape comes out and suddenly I find something for her to puke in, throw it away, and I am on my way...no, she did not come out in me...therefore puke was all over the place). Really not a big deal, they got someone to clean it up and I headed to the back of the bathroom at the back of the store to clean her up. That's when the BIG BANG happened!!! A girl (early 20's..that's all I could tell you) who worked there was getting ready to clean the bathroom. I asked her if I could run in really quick to clean Emma up. She said, "Well, I guess". So, I went in, cleaned Emma up, and began to wash my own hands (Emma was walking around behind me). The girl (that works there) comes in and looks at Emma and says...are you ready for this?....I still can't believe it!....She said, "So, is she Autistic or just retarded". OH!!! WATCH OUT!!! MAMA BEAR HAS JUST COME OUT OF HER CAVE AND YOU BETTER BE PREPARED!!! I turned around and told her, "She is neither!! You have NO idea what this child has been through and really it is none of your business!! However, you should NEVER ask anyone a question like that!!! EVER!!!" And, I stormed out of the bathroom (while the girl was saying, "well, she wouldn't even look at me")!! I was very proud of myself really...I didn't even cry...until I got to my car, then the river started and I cried and I cried and I cried. I tried to call every one of my "supporters" (those that can always pull me out of a bad mood...they always know the right things to say). NONE of them answered their phones. So, I sat there...and I cried A LOT more!!! Then (here comes the divine intervention comes into play) the beloved beep on my cell phone to tell me there is a message. I call my msgs. and it is my friend telling me that her and some other girls are "taking over our friend spa tomorrow" they are going to give themselves pedicures and just relax (order pizza:)...then, they are going to the movie Failure to Launch (which I have seen...and LOVE...who wouldn't love Matthew McCaunehey????)...and, she invited ME!! YEAH! That call could not have come at a better time! I guess that God truly is watching over me, and he knows when I truly can't take anymore.

Well, my husband called Wal-Mart when I got home. 2 managers have called me today, and they apologized profusely! However, they also let me know that the girl that said it is very mentally challenged...lives in a group home and she has ALL of her life (she was abandonned by her parents as an infant). OK, so that explains A LOT!! At the moment that it happened though I did not know that! I am very glad that Wal-Mart employs people with special needs.


Heather said...

Im so very sorry that was said to you about your daughter! You did much better than I would have done, I am not one to hold my tongue when it comes to things like that!

2DISCO said...

What a horrible experience for you. After the years of treading water and trying to maintain "NORMAL" to have it all crashing around you at Wal-Mart. I will teach Emma the bird. Way to go Tim! I am glad he made the call. Angie, you are an amazing person. Keep your chin up and when Miss Emma is famous, all of Wal-Mart will play the remember when she puked in our store? game.

Anonymous said...

wow... what a difficult day! You did well by not snapping on this girl-but I probably would have.

espresso bean said...

Dear Emma,

I just met you tonight, but you've already touched my heart with your story. Bless your sweet soul. I hope you have the happiest future any girl could hope for.


Stacy - Tanner's mom said...

Oh Angie - how rotten! And, what two year old looks at anyone. My children hide behind my legs when someone new looks at them.

I'm glad that Wal-Mart employes those that need help (and I have a cousin who falls into that category) - but I'm still sad that you had to endure that.

Hugs to you!

LCRsMom said...


I was thinking, before I read about the girl and her background, that when someone says something like she did about Emma, that more is being show about the person making the comment than the person receiving it. Well, that was proven. It's too bad for her sake that she was treated badly enough to take it out on a sweet little girl.
you are a great woman and I am proud of you for sticking up for Emma and yourself. Kudos!

carol T. said...

Sorry you had such a bad experience at WalMart .I am not sure I could have held my tongue like you did. May God Bless and Keep You all.

Patyrish said...

OH MY! That comment was horrendous...I have to agree. I have dealt with comments such as these and sometimes the "momma bear" comes out with claws out and others I am left speechless. At least she had an excuse for her comment, though I know it still stings. I had one person ask me if my daughter would lead a "normal" life. It was the first time I was asked that and saying "no" almost killed me. I have since come up with a variety of answers for that one.

Amy said...

I'm glad you were given some sort of answer as to why anyone would say something like that...doesn't make what happened any easier, but it helps to understand the source of the comment just a tad. What an awful situation you had! And all on top of the puke just prior! Sheesh! The sad part...that person was probably just being inquisitive and trying to "make friends" without the capability of normal conversation, etc...I feel for you. I'm so sorry that happened. I hope you have a great time with your friends! You're doing a great job, Mom. Unless you live it, know one knows the day-to-day life like us, right? I'm here for ya. :)

Laurie said...

Oh, wow. Oh WOW! What a crazy experience! I'm glad that you called Wal-Mart, and glad that you got some peace over the situation.

Hope you have fun (or had fun!) on your girls' night!!!

The Imperfect Christian said...

Oh, hon! I'm SO sorry you and Emma had to experience that. It's nice to know there is an "excuse" behind it, but it doesn't take away the pain of hearing the words.

You handled it perfectly though. I'm not sure what I would have said, but I KNOW I would have cried!!

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