Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Great Catch


Well Blog family...it has been awhile since my last post. So, this was the best title that I could think of. We have been ice fishing... ALOT this winter. Emma LOVES to hold the fish, while her brother loves to tell us what a fish "says" while he just moves his mouth without a sound.

We had Emma's MDT tonight. She is due for her 3 year eval, so the team needed to meet to discuss what testing we wanted to do. We are "those" parents...and proud of it. I ask why, and so does my husband....A LOT!! I asked what each test would accomplish and how the results would help us to achieve her greatest academic potential. What we DON'T want is to just have a bunch of professionals going on a hunt to find out what is "wrong" with her. If it's going to help her or those around her to make the best of her education....great! If not....we will not consent. It is our parental right.

For example...we will not consent to an IQ test. There are various reasons for this. We have both been educators for a long time. There are various kinds of teachers out there. However, we happened to have one of them last year.....she knew the RTS label was probably what Emma had. She put a ceiling on our girl's learning, and for an entire year....Emma played with play-doh, watched movies, and took naps....THAT is what her entire day every day consisted of.

This year, we have an entirely new team. They BELIEVE in her! I truly believe that they are valuable educators that would believe in her regardless of a number shown on an IQ test....however, once that # is placed in her file it is readily available to any future educator that she has, and what if we end up with another one that does not believe? It's a twist....no doubt about it!!

So, onto this year. Emma is writing her name. She is copying sentences, she is at grade level on her standardized tests in the area of reading and language. She is making gains in math. She is READING (sight words and 3 letter words mostly, but she is DEFINITELY going to be a reader)! YEAH!

We are so proud of our girl! She just shines every day!