Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter picture

Here are Emma and Owen on Easter morning. They were both feeling a little under the weather, and Owen literally kept his outfit on for about 2 minutes after this picture was taken....but, it was a good Easter:). Emma has fun finding eggs. We had to laugh at her as she found the eggs and THREW them in the basket....literally (picture crashing sounds!).

Here's an Emma funny for the day. Our family went to lunch the other day and anytime that her dad would hand her anything she would say, "Thank you Tim". Anytime that I would hand her anything she would say, "Thank you Mrs. F______(insert our last name:))". So, Tim said to her, "Well, aren't you little Miss Manners today". Emma said, "NO, call me Emma please". HA! Too funny!

Also, when we were on a walk yesterday, Emma said, "Today, you should call me Honey". I would say, "OK Honey". Then she would say, "No, today you should call me Sweet Pea". I would say, "OK Sweetpea". Then, she would say, "No, today call me Pumpkin Pie". And on, and on.....I really didn't realize that I had so many different nick names for her:).

Another funny (kind of???)....tonight we were at Kmart. We were in the women's clothes, and Emma gave a BIG sigh and said, "Ugh, I hate this". I said, "Well, we don't say that word, but what is it that you don't like". She gave another BIG sigh and said, "These stupid clothes!". Where does the girl come up with these things? Although she does have quite the attitude, and I don't really like that.....it still makes me smile! Is that so wrong????

Have a great week!


Michelle said...

So cute, kids do say the funniest things sometimes don't they? I love when they use grown up language because you so don't expect it...

Kristi said...

Oh this made me laugh today.. I love to read about Ms.Emma

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

That is so great about her speech! Love the outfits:)