Thursday, April 09, 2009

Owen is a FISH!

Owen is growing by leaps and bounds....changing every day. He is obsessed with the water, and always wants to be in the tub. Sometimes I put both kids in at the same time, however it gets pretty crazy with both of them in. So, most of the time I will bath one then the other. Well, this morning as I was giving Emma her bath, Owen was standing on the side of the tub (like he always does) laughing at his sister. I went to grab the shampoo, and he FLIPPED INTO THE TUB!!! He was just giggling and proud of himself for being IN the tub WITH his PJs AND his diaper on! It was definitely a photo moment!! He is just TOO funny! Emma thought it was hilarious:).

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Cindy said...

Yikes! Konrad tries to climb over the tub wall when he sees someone in the bath...I hope he doesn't figure out Owen's trick!