Sunday, April 05, 2009

Thank God for Swings!

Well....let's just say that my day wasn't quite as "cozy" as I was hoping it would be. The pajama thing lasted until about 10:00...then, it was time to hit the showers and make a run to the Vortex...otherwise known as Wal-Mart. We missed a birthday party yesterday and had to get a present. Well, buying a birthday present sent Emma into a frenzy thinking that she was going to a party....then, suddenly it turned into, "It must be MY birthday". I said to her, "No, Emma it's not your birthday". To which she started to cry and repeat over and over and over and over (ok you get the point) again "Soon....soon....soon....soon!". UGH!

We return home and her amped up excitement just continued to mount....and so did her nautiness!!! Yes, definitely not a day to remain inside for my peaceful dream of a day. So, since the weather had turned into a balmy spring day in beautiful Wyoming (a whopping 34 degrees...break out the bikini!!!), I raced her to the swings...where we stayed for over an hour. Owen was really excited for the first 5 minutes or so...then he was SO over it. He remained a good sport as if he knew that sissy had to wind down or Mama was going to LOSE IT!!!

Tim arrived home and we all went out to dinner (what in the world was I thinking?). Emma was still a bit wound...her voice a bit (OK a LOT) louder than normal., but we made it through.

Both children are in bed now....coughing. Here's hoping that it is not a sign of yet another round of antibiotics in our house.

Dear Spring,

Could you PLEASE show your warm and pleasant face and kick the winter weather off on it kiester as soon as you can? We need you to kill all of those NASTY germs that seem to multiply while the winter air is hanging around. It IS April after all.....snow is in the past....we need some good ol' sunshine to shine down on us:).

Thank you!!!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I feel you! We had such a nice weekend, and now we are back to cold, and a chance for snow:(

Michelle said...

Amen to that sister...

Tarah said...

I totally agree. We need spring, I've got the fever!