Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We've Been "Egged"

A few moments ago while I was sitting on my couch relaxing:) the doorbell rang.....it was 8:45 don't people know that I have small children????? So, I went to the door and there were colored paper eggs taped all over my front door. I opened the door to see a yummy box of chocolates on my steps with a cute colored bunny on it and a sign that said "You've been "egged"". What a fun idea...wish that I was that creative:). I wish that Emma had been awake...I think that I might put the box of chocolates back on the step and ring the doorbell in the morning (the eggs are still taped to the door) and let her go answer it:). She'll LOVE it:).

OK....time for bed. I hope that you all have a restful night's sleep. Tomorrow is our last day of school before spring break....I am SOOOOOO ready!

OH, and Emma had a full day with no hitting or pushing today! WHOOOHOOOO! I know that that should be a given, BUT that is how she shows her excitement. We have really been working on it, and I am SOOOO proud of her!! We made a special trip to the toy store (where she picked out a bat and ball.....good for appropriate hitting, right). Yeah Emma:)! Way to go little one!


Michelle said...

I'm loving the "egging" do you know who did it??

Yay Emma for reaching your goal!

I love Crazo, that made me LOL. Thanks for your comment. Made me feel lots better!! NutJim

Sawyer said...

That is always a fun idea. We usually get treats like that around halloween time with a ghost. I think I like the egg idea much better. What a great Idea.

Give Em a big hug from us!