Friday, April 03, 2009


It is simply AMAZING to me the calming effect that overcomes me when I hear the breathing pattern change. You know...when you're standing outside your child's room waiting for the sandman to come. I can hear her looking through the book, talking to herself, then I hear her put the book down, reposition herself, and suddenly...there it is....that moment where she drifts off to sleep. Suddenly the pattern of her breathing is so soothing. Sometimes, the half crazy mama in me creeps in and sits next to her just to soak in the calm in the room. I have even been known to climb into bed with her (which is quite an amusing sight since she is still in a toddler bed) just to listen, to watch, to relax.

Is it just me? Do you love to listen and watch your child sleep? Does it have the calming effect over you?

However, I also LOVE the laughter, silliness, constant questioning, sassiness, etc. that comes when my girl is AWAKE:).

Emma funny:
While driving in the car:
Me...."Yes, Honey".
Emma...."You call DADDY call ME sweetie".

Geez! I DO need to get my nick names straight! I can always count on Em to keep me in line:).

Have a Happy weekend!!!


Michelle said...

Loving your new look, and yes, I know what you mean about the sleeping, Matt makes fun of me and when I watch the kids sleep!

Kelly said...

She is a sweetie! That is too funny. I love sleeping kids! Kelly F

Cindy said...

I agree! I especially love the SOFT sound of children sleeping, rather than the CONGESTED sound of children sleeping.

Em is so smart...she's going to keep you on your toes for a long time!