Friday, May 08, 2009

WOOHOO and some pictures

First of all...the big celebration....Emma has gone a whole week without hitting or pushing ANYONE at school. That, my friends is amazing! I am just so happy. Emma hits to get the attention of others because often her brain works faster than the words can come to her mouth. She so badly wants to show her excitement or ask someone to play with, she just runs up and hits them. Amazingly, the kids in my class understand this. I sat them all down about a month ago and asked them if anyone thought that Emma was being mean when she his, and not one of them raised their hand. I asked them why they thought she did it, and their answers were so insightful. I was amazed. So, while I was relieved that all of her classmates understood her actions...I am even more relieved that she seems to be expressing herself better so the physical acts are going by the wayside (at least I hope they are). Hmmmm, what can I do to celebrate this momentous occasion? Any ideas?

We had our spring program at our little school last week. I always get so nervous before these programs this year because I wonder how Em will do. Each program she has had a really really rough week the week before, but the night of the program she just shines and does great. However, I still had the anxiety going into the week. She actually had a really good week, but then I found out that her aide would not be at the program....ahhhh!! So, the special ed teacher stepped in, and Em did AWESOME! The teacher really didn't have to do a thing. I was so proud of my big girl!!
Here she is doing her thing:). She knew this dance so well, but she always has to put her own spin on it:). I love it!!!

2 days later we had Owen's birthday party. It was so much fun. I had 3 friends that all had babies within 2 months of me, so they were all there. It is so funny to see kids that age together. They really do not even notice that the others are around. I can't wait to see them together next year:).

Owen loved his cake
Owen was so upset when he had to get off the slide:(. He likes to be right in the middle of all of the action

The cupcakes that I made for his birthday. Watch out Betty Crocker:)


Michelle said...

Yay for accomplishments!!

What a good Betty you are!!!

Cindy said...

Go Em! I'm so proud of her (and you) for that is definitely something to celebrate. And I love the cupcakes...Lukas will want me to decorate his next cupcakes exactly like that!

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Those cupcakes look sooooooooooo good to me right now.
And look at her gettin down!!!!
Im so happy about her accomplishments at school, and so glad her peers understand her!

Sawyer said...

Yay! We are so proud of Em, keep it up.

How did you make the little mouths? Those cupcakes were adorable! Sawyer's first birthday part is going to be a monkey theme so I think I may have to steal your mad skills.

Tena said...

Oh goodness those cupcakes are so cute! How very smart you are!!!

So proud of Em as well!