Friday, May 15, 2009

The Hallway Sprint

On your marks...get set....GO!!!! However, instead of a starting gun...there is "the cough". The one that is intensely programmed into my brain. The one that sends me running at top speeds down the hall, into Em's room to pick up the bowl that always sits next to her bed, to help her sleepy little head make it into the bowl....just to have her say, "Nope, I'm OK". PHEW! Crisis averted...this time.

Does anyone else know "the cough"? Is it just me? This cough has been following me for the past 5 1/2 years, and it will NEVER become my friend. It used to be GUARANTEED to be a puke fest by the time I got to the end of the hall. I used to just be happy if we made it in the bowl and escaped having to strip the bed and change pajamas. Lately, more times than not it is a false alarm...but I never know when the vomit beast may rear its ugly head, so I ALWAYS make the sprint.

Hey, I guess that is one way to get exercise. Does it count if I come out and eat an enormous chocolate chip cookie??


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, I SO totally understand the hallway sprint and the cough -n- puke!!! Except for us, the bowl is rarely where it should be and we miss catching the puke a lot. We are hoping it is because of Marissa's trach and once she gets it out, it will all go away.

Here's hoping false alarms is how it stays for you guys. Or to get rid of the problem all together, of course!

And absolutely, it definitely still counts as exercise if you come out and eat a cookie, but only if you sprint to the kitchen!! ;)

Michelle said...

Ahh yes, the cough/puke, so not my friend. YUCK. Glad she didn't have pukefest. I HATE throwing up, my poor daughter must be miserable....ick.

Yes, I totally think you should eat a cookie and wash it down with some milk so you can get right back to snoozing!! (after your heart gets back out of your throat)

Sawyer said...

ah yes, the vomit monster is always here or just around the corner. And now with his teething it's a daily thing, if Sawyer chokes on his spit a little there is usually throw up. Blah!