Wednesday, May 13, 2009 love

The pendulum swings...and reality hits me from the other side. Each year, my husband and I have spoken at our local high schools about organ donation. This year, he is going to do it by himself because I cannot get the time off:(. He has been working on his presentation. At dinner tonight...this was the conversation:

Dad: "Emma, I'm going to be talking about you at school tomorrow"

Emma: "Why?"

Dad: "I'm going to tell them about you getting a new liver. What do you think I should tell them about you?"

Emma: "That I'm happy"

There it is my friends...and the silent lone tear streamed down my face reality hit me...that IS all that matters. Emma is happy, and that is all that life is really about.

Truthfully, that makes me REALLY REALLY REALLY happy too!

An oldie but a goodie:)

Emma at 2 1/2...Happy then...and Happy NOW!


Kristi said...

Thank you for this post.. It really made me think after a few days of negativity in my life. Happiness is all that matters. I just read your previous post and I was shocked as I realized it was like reading my own thoughts on a lot of things. I love how honest you are through your blog. It is so refreshing. Thinking of you and hoping you are feeling much better.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Perfectly said!

Michelle said...

Ok, I just read this post and your last one and I can so identify. Isn't it awesome that in spite of what she's been through, her thoughts of her life are just happy....PTL. Not sad, not different...just happy. Makes my heart warm.

I also feel that same devastation when someone loses their child. I just try to remind myself that they are free from this earthly pain, then I pray that I will not have to face the same so hard.

Terri H-E said...

Now that is one wise young lady you have on your hands there. And her mama, too!