Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Thoughts...and some trivia:)

This time of the year I find myself being very random. With the pandemonium of activities that occur, trying to finish everything that I need to at school, concluding our Christmas production, getting gifts wrapped/made/'s enough to drive a mama insane. BUT, the saving grace is knowing that EVERYONE else is going through it right along with me.

So, today I am going to have a random post. I'm going to start with a picture that I took of Em this summer that I just LOVE. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald house while Em was having some dental surgery done. The Denver RMH is brand new, and right as you walk in the door there is a child's playhouse. I just HAD to have a picture of Miss Em in it...because the word that is on the top is something I do every single day. I imagine life with's something that I am so thankful to be able to do:).

The other night Tim and I were doing our favorite pastime....watching TV:). Emma was playing in her play area...when she comes strutting kidding model walk and all, with this tiarra on her head. She kept saying, "See Mama...I pretty". She would turn and flip her hair then walk a little further. Where DOES she get this stuff?? Too cute!

And the last picture is my TRIVIA question of the day!! Who can tell me what is missing from the picture (wink wink:)!


Marissa said...

I think I got it... She is not wearing her glasses?!?

Or is it the Christmas tree?

She is a beautiful princess with or without the tiara!


Michelle said...

That is so cute...they are absolutely adorable....let's see...hmmm,

The Presents??? Or are the kids the presents??? UMMMM, I'll be up all night trying to figure it out..(wink wink)

todiscoduck said...

I now have a FAVORITE picture of the kids together, for today. You better blow that photo up for teenage reference:)

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

those pictures are adorable. Im not sure I can pick a favorite. Maybe her diva pose, or the one of them looing at each other!