Friday, December 05, 2008

Milestone Alert!!!!

We have reached a HUGE milestone!! Our first sleepover. Em is having her friend Brindi stay the night as we speak. It's 9:30 and neither girl is asleep yet??? Em's bedtime is usually 7:30. They are both just TOO excited! We made gingerbread houses, watched movies and ate popcorn. Oh, and they played HARD!! I hope they'll be drifing off to dreamland soon. I'll keep you posted!


ChelleyD said...

OK, I can't help but giggle...seriously, I bet them girls were up all night long!!! Welcome to sleepover land! I'm going to bet on mignight-ish! I hope they had a good time!! Hope you can keep your eyes open today!!

Kelly said...

So, what time did they fall asleep? Sounds like fun!

Michelle said...

Where are you? Are you ok? Sleepover claim you?