Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What, Where and Why?

The "parent/teacher" conference went great! I really think that teacher knows her stuff, and she is such a sweet and kind person (wink), and that parent....WOW! I've never seen a more motivated individual. She knows all of the latest techniques and I can tell that she knows EXACTLY what to do with her child. Yes, I don't think that she ever has a problem controlling her child in any way, shape, or form (not only a wink....but body is going into full twitchy motion here folks).

No, seriously our conference really did go well. Em's special ed teacher joined us in our living room at 7:30 PM tonight...after Emma had gone to bed. We all talked about the amazing progress that Emma has made. We also talked about how much her glasses have helped her, and how much it has hindered her to have broken them (UGH!) and not to have had them the last week!!! It's like she could suddenly see the world....then it's taken away again. Yes, I am planning to get her a 2nd pair, but we need to make sure this is the correct RX before we get another pair. WHEW!! Enough said about that! Em's doing GREAT!

Now, onto my husband. All that I have to say about that is that I love him DEARLY! However, I am coming back as a man in my next life simply so I can pick and chose the times that I get up in the night to help with child #1 or child #2. Grrrr! Why is it I only get a break when HE decides that he can help out? Why can't it be the other way around? I know......because I'm the momma. Good reason. It's just that today I am REALLY tired!

Oh, did I mention that BOTH of my kids have pink eye, my own eyes are starting to burn (I think maybe it's all in my head), AND Emma failed her hearing screening in BOTH ears. So, basically my baby girl can't see right now due to her broken glasses. What she can see is all goopy, and on top of that...she can't hear worth a darned right now either.

What is this world coming to??? CALGON!!! I hear you calling!!! TAKE ME AWAY!!!

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ChelleyD said...

Well, I'm glad that teacher was not hard on the parent..wink wink. You're doing a great job!!!

Maybe we'll be a double feature on Snapped???