Thursday, November 06, 2008

Icky Icky Icky

The ICK has hit our house! Emma's been home from school since Tuesday with an "explosive backside" (I'll let you figure it out without more explicit details). Well, yesterday afternoon it had stopped, so I thought for sure today she would be able to return to school. Then, the clock struck 12:45 am.....and the puking began! There's nothing quite like waking up to that sound...knowing that your child is in their bedroom and there is NO WAY that they made it to the toilet. As you walk into their room you await the sight...anticipating the extent of the damage.

The ironic thing about this is it used to be a nightly ordeal in our house (if not 2-3 times). Emma used to have horrible reflux, and she would vomit 3-4 times a day and at least one time during the night. I was a pro at sleep walking down the stairs to throw her bedding into the washing machine and remaking her little bed so she could go back to sleep. It's amazing how far she has come in that area. You'd think it would be like riding a bike for me. You'd think that I could just go in there and clean it up while half asleep and return to bed. WRONG!! Why? You ask....well, this was ACTUAL VOMIT!!! AND, Emma got out of her bed to try to come and get me, so the puke was EVERYWHERE!! Back in the "good old days" (that is humor at its best), it would just be in her bed and it truly was just undigested milk (her digestive system was very slow), so it had very little odor so it was fairly simple to clean.

I look forward to this icky bug passing through our house. I really hope that the rest of us do not get it. I also hope that tonight is a peaceful night of sleep.


The Joo said...

Oh yucky! I'm so sorry you (and her) are dealing with this, I hope she feels better soon!

Cindy said...

I feel for you! I agree that the difference between refluxed milk/formula and vomited chunks of food is huge...both in smell, ability to clean it up, and ability to wash it out. I hope she's feeling better sooooon!