Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'll Love You Forever

Last night I read Emma and Owen the book I'll Love You Forever before they went to bed. This is a beloved book of many children about a baby boy who's mom rocks him and says over and over how much she loves him and he'll always be her baby. It shows the baby growing to a toddler, then a bigger child, then a teenager and she is still rocking him and saying the phrase to him. Then, it shows her strapping the ladder to the top of her car, heading over to his house (he's now an adult), and climbing through the window to rock him.

It is a sweet story, however I have always found it a little creeping that she is rocking her adult son.....until last night. As I walked in to check on my children I was acutely aware of the moment. The rise and fall of each of their chests as they breathed the sweet breath of innocence. That innocence will not always be there. I watched their beautiful faces as they journeyed through dreamland, and my heart skipped a beat at the thought of them one day being grown. It made me want to take both of them out of their beds and rock them and sing to them and cherish the moment. It made me contemplate the future and what it would look like. Will Emma and Owen like to cuddle when they get older? Do you think they will mind their crazy mama climbing through their bedroom windows to rock them when they are grown?? ( I am kidding...I think).

For today, I am cherishing every moment with them. I delight in the world that they see, and I love to view it through their eyes as they learn new things every day. I pray that the innocence stays with them for as long as it can:).

Here's an attempt at photos this do you get BOTH children to cooperate?? UGH! Notice they are not looking at the camera (none of those turned out). However, this one is pretty sweet!

Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful Dad's out there! I am so fortunate that my children have such a fantastic role model and a great dad! I was also lucky to grow up with a caring and compassionate father!

Have a great day:)


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

What a sweet picture!
I love that book, Alex has it in his room.

Cindy said...

Beautiful thoughts, and beautiful picture. I love when my kids kiss!

Sawyer said...

My mom read that book to me when I was little and no I'm doing the same with Sawyer. It's a great book. That picture is adorable too.

Kelly said...

The picture is adorable! Kelly F