Saturday, June 20, 2009

"I took my own medicine Mom"

I got out of the shower this morning to Miss Emma telling me, "I took my own medicine Mom". She kept reminding me that she needed to take it....and I kept getting side tracked (bad mom), so I 9:00 (an hour later than she usually takes it) she decided that she would just do it herself.

Now, I KNEW that Em couldn't open the pill bottles, so I brought her into the kitchen and I gave her the bottle and told her to show me how she took her own medicine. She said, OK I will....and went to Owen's diaper backpack (where I keep a baggie of extra medicine....3-4 Prograf capsules (immunosuppressant med due to liver transplant) and 3-4 Singulair tablets). The baggie was empty, and she proudly showed me the empty bag and said, "See, I took them all by myself" (with a huge smile).

So, a call to poison control and a couple of calls back and forth to transplant and all is well. We are to skip dosing tonight and tomorrow morning, but Emma is no worse for the wear...if anything it hyped her up a little more today.

That's my girl...always keeping me on my toes

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Terri H-E said...

Yikes! That girl can do anything. (Hurray, too, but today is yikes.)