Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't Say That!!!

Funny little story here....I was in the shower with Emma the other day. She has a water bottle that she likes to play with after she is all clean. I let her sit on the floor of the shower and I fill the bottle with cold water. She thinks it is just HILARIOUS to spray the cold water on my feet. So, as a little speech therapy, I always make her ask, "More water please Mommy". Well, she has been able to say that for awhile. SO, the other day I decided to have her say, "I want more water please mommy". She did it.....AWESOME!! (that's a 6 word sentence....can I hear a YA HOOOOO!!). So, she said it once, I gave her cold water, and she sprayed it all over my feet while laughing hysterically! Then, she handed me the water bottle and said, "More water please mommy". I said, "no, say I want more water please mommy". She looked at me, rolled her eyes and said, "DON'T SAY THAT MOMMY". I had to laugh and aplaud her for her talking! Even though it was sassy...it was GREAT! You go little girl! Momma loves to hear you talk:).


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Hey girl, its been a while!
Your little Emma is doing awesome!
It was so good to hear from you.

Myssie said...

That story is so funny! It sounds like Emma is doing great!! Way to go Emma!!