Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy 4th Liver Birthday Miss Em

Dear Emma,
I never imagined 4 years ago today that life with you could be this amazing. You have definitely been the rainbow at the end of the rain. Your colors shine through to all who meet you. You have such an amazing capability to make everyone smile. Even the person who is angry at the world and can see nothing good....cannot help but smile at you.

I believe that you know that you have this special gift, and you carry it with you like a treasure. You know exactly when to bring it out (when your being sent to your room for being naughty, and you just have to give Mom a hug first). Your world is amazing, and it is such a blessing to see you continually learn about your surroundings.

4 years ago today we placed you in the arms of a nurse to take you off to an 8 hour surgery. What should have been the most terrifying moment of my life...was actually one of the most peaceful. I knew that you had to have that surgery for you to live. Time was not on our side, and I had watched you slowly deteriorate for 7 months. I knew that you were struggling, and I was so thankful that you were finally receiving your gift.

Your Angel Claire has watched over you constantly. I have thought about and prayed for her family every day for the past 4 years. In their time of great sorrow, they chose to help 17 others. I'm so glad that one of those was you.

You never take a day for granted Emma. You live every day to its fullest, and you are rarely sad or angry. I cannot imagine if our journey had taken a different path, and I could not look at your smiling face today. I feel like the luckiest mommy in the whole world.

Continue your magic Emma! You are such an inspiration to so many.



Laurie said...

What a beautiful letter! Happy Anniversary, Ms. Emma!!

Much love!!!!!!!!!

BillyBob said...

Happy liverversary, Miss Emma.
Love, Bobby and Sharon Aragon, Denver.