Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1 more day....1 Angel always remembered

Claire would have been 21 years old. She was planning to become a nurse when her life came to an end on that beautiful mountain. Not a day goes by that I don't think of the devastation that her family has/ and continues to feel. Not a night goes by that I don't go into Emma's room after she is sleeping and thank "Angel Claire" for protecting our sweet girl. Emma gets her strength from Claire. I truly believe that. It has been said that the recipient of an organ often takes on some of the characteristics of the donor. Although I never knew Claire, I have read many comments from her friends and families that have been written on a website dedicated to her life. I know that she was a beautiful girl with a big heart. She loved life, and I know that she has passed that trait on to our Emma. Thank you Angel Claire for donating your liver to our little 7 month old girl who was desperately fighting for every breath she took. 4 years later and your liver is still a perfect fit for our fiesty girl. Bless you Angel Claire!

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