Sunday, February 22, 2009

Parenting 101

Wow! If the author's of the parenting books could have been at our house during dinner tonight, they would have been highly disappointed! When I found myself saying to Emma, "Emma, I already told you that if I have to tell you again you are going to bed"...I knew that I was doomed. I was talking in circles. So, when I turned to her and said, "If you smash your crackers again what is going to happen"...and she said, "I will go to bed"....I felt triumphant. She understood what I was talking about and what the consequences were, AND even though I was not following through (and I usually only give ONE chance), I knew that she was understanding, and she did not do it again.

Sometimes we have to make exceptions. Sometimes the rules do not apply to all situations. There is a reason that I got rid of every parenting book that I was given when Emma was only 3 months old. She defied the odds by living, and I am routing our own course in parenting. It's working for us:).


Lisa and Aiden said...

YAY EMMA!!!! She is soo special to us. And Angie you are such an amazing mom. XOXOX

Michelle said...

Amen Sister, my mother is always letting me know when I "don't" do the right thing. I just LOVE it. I've gotten good at listening and immediately ignoring. I once had a friend who was pregnant, (I had three kids at the time) and she was spouting all of these things from this book about how she would do this and that and such. I caught myself before laying on my infinite wisdom..haha...and decided instead to say, "well good luck with all that"...big problems, living children don't fit into the pages of books, let alone special needs children. Bottom line, you do what you think is best and let God handle the rest!! You are so right...sometimes you just have to make your own rules!!

rhonda said...

You are routing your own course and doing a great job! I had to giggle when you talked about getting rid of all of your parenting books - I ripped the 'What to Expect the First Year' book to shreds. Didn't exactly cover white poop, lab draws or BA.


Kristi said...

I'm glad I don't own any parenting books either. I love when there is a defining moment between me and Noah.. Just like that moment when you knew Emma understood everything at dinner time.. Hugs.