Monday, February 23, 2009

Emma was class reader:)

Every day in our class a child is selected to be the reader. It is one of the "jobs" assigned in the morning. The students think it is the best job to have. After last recess, the child picks out a book and "reads" it to their classmates. I have a Kindergarten and first grade class, so my 1st graders do a pretty good job reading the book. The kindergartners know that reading the pictures is a part of learning the reading process, so that is what they do.

All of the students in my class had had a chance to read....all of them except Emma. I'm not sure why I hadn't given her that job, but she was AWARE of it! Last Thursday, as a boy was reading his story to his classmates, Em got out of her chair and went up and told about something in the picture, then she sat back down. The boy turned the page, and Em attempted to get back up again....until her aide encouraged her to sit back down. Emma looked at the aide and said (with her hands on her hips), "Everyone reads" (using her hand to gesture over the entire group) "BUT NOT ME" (as she pointed to herself).

At that moment I decided that it was her turn to read. On Friday, Emma got to be the class reader...she did an AMAZING job!!! She read the book "NO, DAVID, NO" by David Shannon. She had heard the book so many times (it is a class favorite) that she was able to "read" it word for word!! If I didn't know better...I would have thought that she really was reading the book:). Oh, and the look on her face was priceless. She was SO proud of herself (I left my camera at home that day, so you'll have to make a mental picture). It just melted my her teacher AND as her Mom. It's moments like that that just make EVERYTHING so worthwhile!


Michelle said...

Yay Emma!! Keep it up girly!

Michelle said...

Yay Emma!! Keep it up girly!

Kelly said...

I love "No David" and I am picturing her in my head reading the book. That is awesome! Kelly F

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

One of my favorites books around here....Em you are one smart cookie.