Friday, January 23, 2009

Random thoughts

I was tagged on my Facebook page to list 25 random thoughts about myself. So, I thought I would post them here too. Here is a glimpse into my crazy mind:).

1) I have lived in Wyoming, Colorado, South Dakota, and Arizona...I would love to live by the ocean one day.

2) I dated the same person for 6 years...all through college...married him, and 6 months later he decided "that wasn't what he wanted".

3) I'm really glad that I had my "first marriage experience"'s made me appreciate what I have.

4) My first pregnancy was completely first child was NOT. She has had many issues.

5) I'm really glad that I had my "first child experience"'s made me appreciate all that I have...and I would not trade her for the world!

6) I absolutely HATE feet! I hate to see them, touch them, smell them, ewww!

7) Desperate Housewives is my favorite show. I also like the show Weeds.

8) My sister is on of my best friends. I work with her every day, and I feel so lucky! We haven't always gotten along. When we were younger, I drove her nuts! One time I shoved permanent wave solution up her nose (from a perm)...I'm really glad that I didn't blind her!

9) I'm not a morning person! I really can't stand my alarm clock...however, once I get up and start moving I become human very quickly.

10) I absolutely adore kindergarteners. The way they think intrigues me, and I try to soak in as much of their innocense as I can. If only we could all think that all people are good...and we could all get along! They just tell it like it is...and I LOVE That!

11) I was on a dance team in college. Those were some of the best years of my life. I made some wonderful friends during those years.

12) I worry continuously about the future...I always have. I think the birth of Emma has made this worry more fierce. Sometimes it really scares me.

13) My mother is not the person that raised me, and that makes me sad, but my sister has somewhat taken over that role of the person that I need to be there. I try to be there for her too.

14) I took my birth certificate to school for show and tell in 1st grade (Why did my parents let me?? Good question). When I was walking home it started to rain, so I used my birth certificate to cover my head. Everytime I see it now I laugh at all of the smears. It is hardly legible in some places.

15) I am addicted to blogs...I follow many many blogs, and most of them are about children that have issues. I am also addicted to my own blog, which very few people that "really know me" know about. I like the anonimity of writing knowing that the people that read it don't know me.

16) Last week I was driving down the road talking to my husband on the phone. I kept telling him that he was breaking up...he sounded like he was under water, then the phone died.....I went to hang up, and realized I was on my HOME PHONE!!!

17) I want to be really skinny, but I don't want to work to get that way. I want it to happen overnight:).

18) I know more about the liver than I EVER wanted to know!

19) I am part of an on-line liver support group:). I never dreamed that would be a part of my life. I get so excited when I hear that a child got "the call" for a transplant. I always tell my sister, and she asks, "Where do they live?". I never I just say Cyberspace.

20) My husband (Tim) and I were partners on many projects through college, but we never liked each other. So, when we met years later at a Karyoke bar and sang "Summer Lovin" we knew it was meant to be!

21) My least favorite saying in the entire world is, "God only gives you as much as you can handle".

22) I am in my 9th year of teaching at a rural school. I teach Kdg. and 1st grade. I feel like my families at school are my own families.

23) The 2 months that we were in Denver for our daughters liver transplant are some of my best memories (some scary ones too). I never realized how wonderful people are, and how much people really do care.

24) When I retire I want to travel with Tim all around the world...on 2 teacher's salaries....a girl can dream, right?

25) Phew! This is almost finished! I wish that everyone in the world could take a turn having a child with special needs.


rhonda said...

Oh Angie - I have tears (both from laughs and from the emotions that hit close to home)! Thank you for sharing and hugs to you, sweetie!

rhonda said...

Oh, and I hear you on the least favorite saying...I don't think those words will every come out of my mouth!!!

Cate said...

Great list, and I especially love #21!