Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5 Years Later...Look at You NOW!

Five years ago, on this day life was throwing us for a loop. Nothing seemed to be going in the right direction, and we were stuck at a big stop sign in life. There would be no going any further until it was confirmed. We could not travel any further down the road until the phone rang and we received the news. We had been waiting since December 10th, and each day that clicked by was one more day that we would stay...stuck at the stop sign....looking for some sense of direction...some sense of hope.

On January 21st, 2004 we were notified that Emma was officially placed on the transplant list, and we were off again. We were traveling down the road. Sure it was a road with an unknown destination, but we were traveling...and we had hope. The silver lining was on the horizon, and we just had to keep moving to get there. It was tough to see our 5 month old daughter struggle so much. She became more and more jaundice every day. She wasn't able to keep food down. She required oxygen at all times. BUT, we had hope!

5 years ago, at this time, we were struggling. We questioned WHY? every single day. Why was this happening to our baby? I remember a time that Tim and I went out to dinner, and we discussed the "what if'...the ultimate..."what if she doesn't make it?". It was a very real possibility that loomed over us like a black storm cloud. It followed us as we continued on our journey....but, the rainbow was in sight. We knew that the storm cloud could easily be replaced by the rainbow, as we waited for the next leg of our journey....THE CALL...the one to tell us that our baby's new liver was ready. We waited...and we waited...

I look at Emma today, and I can't help but have tears of joy. The joy that I feel that she has made it through so much. She is a warrior princess! She is my hero! She is an amazing spirit! The truth is...she does not remember back to the time 5 years ago when her life was hanging by a thread. I'm glad that she doesn't remember it, but I'm also glad that I do. Thinking back to the difficult times pulls me through some days when life seems so difficult. Thinking back to the tough times makes me realize how much of a fighter Em truly is. She has overcome such incredible obstacles, and I look at her today and I smile. She is Emma...and I am proud!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...


Marissa said...

Hooray for the warrior princess!! That sure is something to be proud of.

Funny thing about Pasquini's. When Marissa was at TCH for heart surgery, we stayed at St. Christopher House. I just found out on Sat. that Pasquini's is just down the alley from the house and we never knew!! We were eating yucky cafeteria food and fast food the whole time we were there. It would have been nice to splurge at least once! :)

Congratulations on making it so far down the road these last five years.


Tena said...

What a great post. I remember stumbling across your blog one night and reading the ENTIRE thing, and I was so amazed by how much she fought for herself and triumphed! She is an amazing spirit.

Cindy said...

Go Emma! We're so glad to know you and so excited for what the future will hold.

The Peacock's said...

We are so glad she is such a warrior her smile brightens my day!

Jacqui said...

Your daughter's life story so far is an inspiration - I have no doubt that she will continue to inspire. Well done to you for putting one foot in front of another even through very difficult times - and look where you are now.