Thursday, February 28, 2008

3 hours later

Yes, I am still sitting on the couch, but it's been 3, I thought it would be a good idea to post again. I just had my house cleaned. THAT is the nicest thing someone can do for you:). Apparently, someone has paid the cleaning lady to clean our house from now until I have this little guy. It is just so refreshing to have a clean house to sit in. We also have people bringing food every other day. It's difficult for Tim and I to accept so much from other people. We worry that we don't reciprocate enough, and it's difficult to be the family AGAIN that is in need of support. But, I know the time will come when we can do the same thing for others. Thankfully, Emma is at the sitters. I had her with me yesterday afternoon, and although she was very good...she still just does not understand that Mommy can't get up and play with her. It's best if we try to keep her in a routine.

Hopefully, this weekend will bring the transformation of the baby's room. Tim is planning to paint the walls. We moved Emma from that room to a bigger room last summer, but we never moved her closet. So, that is on the agenda for this weekend also. Then, next week I will begin to paint the mural on the wall. I am going to paint a big frog that is holding a sign with 3 boards on it. On the 3 boards I will write his first, middle, and last names. Then, we will put brown burlap up around the top of the room as a border. I'm excited to get things moving. I think that will make it all so much more real for me, and it will help me to see a "light at the end of the tunnel"...the couch tunnel. I've been going through baby clothes that we have been given, but until I have somewhere to put still seems so foreign, like I'm just playing with dolls.

Here's an Emma funny.....I've started telling her that the baby is going to sleep in that room everytime we walk by. Yesterday she said, "No, baby mom!". I said, "Yes, he's going to sleep there". She said, "NO, THERE!"...and she pointed at the garbage can:). It could be interesting to see the adjustment when the baby comes.

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bobby, not the liver said...

Our situations are very different, but my mom and dad and sister came over to clean our house Saturday, and you are so right. What a wonderful gift. I am glad you got your house cleaned. We both are fighting bad pain, and things just slip by, and I say I'll get to that later, and a year has gone by. Sharon and I are waiting to see the new baby boy. How joyful this is. I hope Emma is doing fine. Bobby from Denver