Saturday, October 07, 2006

That euphoric feeling.....

Do you ever get the strange feeling that you are an outsider looking in? (No, I do not have multiple not call in the straight jacket). I went to Wal-Mart (sometimes I feel like I should just move my bed into that place). I went to get a prescription at the pharmacy....imagine that. All of a sudden Emma gets whisked off by the pharmacist to go behind the counter to see all of her "pharmacy buddies" many of us get to go back there? Then, 3 people start discussing Emma's hair saying things like, "I'll bet it's curly like that because_______, and I'll bet she gets the color from__________". Hello folks, how about if you just ASK HER MOM....who is OH YEAH standing RIGHT HERE!!! Hmmmmm?? Bizarre feeling!

Well, I get Emma back from her expedition and head to the front of the store. I chose the self check out. I get there to see an elderly lady looking curiously at the machine wondering, "where is the clerk". I explained to her that it is "self check out". She said, "Well, who checks you out". Guess who checked her out....Yes, it was me (I used to work at Wal-mart, right). Then, she wanted help with the money. So, I did that too. She said that I was an angel and she gave me a mint from her purse. As she was walking away she turned with a gleam in her eye and she said, "That child of yours smiles all the way through her eyes. Her heart is pure". Then she walked away?

Do you ever wonder why a certain chain of events happens all together? Do you ever wonder if you are just a pon on a gameboard? I know....the bizarre thoughts that go through my mind. Aren't you glad that you captured a glimpse of them tonight???


Amanda M said...

smiles all the way through her eyes...what a great quote, that's one to last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

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