Friday, April 07, 2006

Hospital "Fun" pictures

Princess Emma had a fine time this hospital stay. She is once again feeling like royalty, and we cherish the time that she feels good! I swear that she has to make a visit to the hospital every few months to get "pampered". I keep telling her "Honey, we could get pedicures, go to Bath and Body works, go shopping for crying out loud...there ARE other ways to pamper yourself!

Well, Grandparents came through in our little Princess' eyes! She got a Barbie purse full of a BARBIE CELL PHONE (that "really" calls's a flip phone and it does look real), 3 necklaces, bracelets, make-up, and A WATCH! This was the big hit with Emma! She thought that it was the greatest! It even came with 3 watch bands! She had to wear it every day and show it to everyone that entered the room. Here are a couple of pictures of the great Barbie watch:

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Finally, our little Princess needed some rest, so Daddy put her in between the pillows while she was watching the alltime favorite...Elmo...and off to dream land she went! Sweet dreams Princess!!

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LCRsMom said...

I'm so glad to hear that Emma is feeling a bit better. Isn't Elmo a saving grace while there?
Take Care!

The Imperfect Christian said...

She looks so tiny in that big bed! I hope she's feeling better!! I hope YOU'RE feeling better!

Becca - Natalie's mommy said...

I hope things are going betting for Miss Em. I love that Barbie watch!!! Give her lots of hugs and smooches from us!

Laurie said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful little sleeping princess...