Monday, January 23, 2006

She's Figured it out....

We knew the day would come, and it has slowly been approaching. The day that Emma would figure out that entering the hospital meant pain was about to happen. Now, she figured out a while ago that once we sat in the blood draw chair it was going to hurt, but until today she has been all smiles until we sat in that chair. This morning was a different story.

We approached the hospital at 6:30 this morning, and as I took Emma out of her car seat she looked at the tall building in front of us. As we approached the front doors of the hospital I could feel her grip tightening a little more, a little more...until she was clinging to me in utter fear. As the doors opened she looked at me and shook her head no while her little bottom lip jutted out. We walked in and were greated by the wonderful staff at the smiles for them as Emma places her head on my shoulder. I walk in and sit in the lab chair with her on my lap and she just melts into me. She is totally laying against me, and as she looks up at me...silent tears start to fall. Oh baby girl I want to leave just as much as you do right now....but, this has to be done. The lab tech walks in and the silence leaves the room as Emma begins to scream and cry and kick and CLING to me! They get the vein on the first try (thank GOD!), and as soon as the needle is out Emma is all smiles because she knows that she gets a Barbie band-aid and a Barbie sticker (and don't try to pull a fast one and give her Shrek...OH NO! This girl is ALL about Barbie).

Of course I put her down afterward and I say, "Say good-bye Emma". She just looks at them, shakes her head no, and heads out the door. I can't say as I blame her, as wonderful as the lab employees are, in her book they mean PAIN!


LCRsMom said...

Oh Emma, you are so strong for having to do that!

Lily understands and probably would kick and scream too if she could. I just realized today that we're going to have to go get her blood drawn this month. We have been bad because of the Holidays and not done it recently!

Hugs to you both. You are strong ladies :)

2DISCO said...


I have tears reading your post. I am even more grateful that I get a smile when I see her. It was great seeing you both this weekend. Love you...........B

Sarah said...

That stinks! It's not fair that our liver babies have to go through so much pain. Luckley, Anna has never reacted that way, to this day she is a sport about it! Doesn't cry or flinch, or make any sound for that matter. My oldest, on the other hand, would cry to just set foot in the doctors office and she has been the picture of health her whole life!

Becca - momofnataliebear said...

I am so sorry that she figured it out. We're just now going through that too.

Big hugs to miss Emma!!!