Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh, Dad....HELLO!!!

The joy of attempting to potty train a free spirited child with a strong will has been quite amusing! First of all SHE MAKES THE RULES, and she will let you know that she makes the rules. We are simply her followers along this journey, and DO NOT attempt to curve the path that she is on!!

Rule #1 If the princess starts to tug at her pants...she needs to go NOW

Rule #2 ALL articles of clothing must be removed BEFORE she will make "her attempt"

Rule #3 PRIVACY- it is OK for mommy to be in the room, but she will send Daddy out with a point of the finger to the door and a "calm" sceam (meaning, we assume, "leave"). How do they develop the sense of modesty at such a young age? Never mind the fact that she runs around the house naked anytime that you let her.

Rule #4 SHE will let you know when she is done (Dad, don't take her off early as she will continue to go....on the she did yesterday morning...YUCK!!).

Rule #5 WHEN she is done, do not try to tell her she is not. Last night, Daddy put her on her potty and went to run her bath water when lo and behold she showed up in the bathroom doorway seconds later (completely naked). Daddy askes, "What are you supposed to be doing?" The princess takes Daddy's hand, leads him back to her potty, and points as if to say, "HELLO Dad, I already went, see". Then, she smiles up at her Dad, and wraps him just a little tighter around her little finger.

As you can see, Daddy has had a few mishaps where he has tried not to follow the Princess' rules. However, she quickly reminded him each time, "Oh Dad...HELLO...remember...I MAKE THE RULES".

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Sarah said...

She is so adorable! You explain her little personallity so well!