Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Our Wee German One

While I do have German heritage...I have never been to Germany. However, my sister was born there "a few" (ha, ha! I know you love me Gina) years ago. My dad was stationed there with the Army in the time that my sister was born, and they lived there until she was 18 mths. old. We have this little German dress from Germany that my sister wore when she was little. Emma wore it last year (with the help of many safety pins). My mother swears that my sister wore it every year until she was 3....OK, the day after Christmas was the last day that Emma would be wearing it because it barely covered her bum (YEAH!! She really is GROWING!!! Yip! Yip! Yippeee!!!) I'm pretty sure that my sister did not wear it until she was 3....unless it has shrunk drastically in the last "few years" (since Emma weighs 22 lbs. and is only 30 inches tall at 25 mths.= Extremely small for a 2 yr. old), but I will let my mother keep her memories:). Anyway, I just had to post a picture because the dress (and my girl.....I'm just a little partial) is beautiful!! Now, we are waiting for her to begin speaking German....OK, that may be a "few years".

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2DISCO said...

Maybe Emma is not small for a 2 year old. Maybe you come from a long line of little people and Emma is the giant...Just a thought:) Goooooooo.....Rocketdogs!!

LCRsMom said...

That is just too adorable for words! Love it! Thanks for sharing with us!

Sarah said...

How sweet! I am German, but have nothing like that for my girls. Keep it forever, don't let it get ruined!!!!