Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As you enter into our house, you will see a large sign that states "Everyday is a Gift". Different people may have various interpretations of that sign. 6 years ago I clung by every thread of life that was in me to make each and every breath that my child took...into a gift for I was unsure how long the gift that I had been given would be on this Earth with me. 6 years ago today we waited...and waited....and waited some more. What were we waiting for? We were waiting for our INSURANCE. Our insurance was slower than the tortoise in the Tortoise and the Hare in deciding if all systems were go for our precious child to be listed for a transplant. Every time the phone rang we would get our hopes up, and every breath she took we watched....and we waited. The moments that she was awake (at that time it was about 3-4 hours a day) we cherished. We begged for her to be given a second chance at life....her first chance seemed far too short to us. She was only 5 months old...we could not fathom losing her 5 short months after we first saw her face.

Then, the other thought that was wearing on my mind.....another family would have to lose their child for mine to live. What kind of a sick person was I to wish that upon anyone, but I just wanted my baby to get better. I wanted to plan her future whatever it may be. I wanted to see her go to school her first day and lose her first tooth. There were so many plans I had for her and I to do together. I came to the conclusion that whomever she received the liver from would unfortunately lose his/her life anyway (whether my child needed a new liver or not). That was the only way that I could get past my thoughts. I just prayed that the family of that child would make the decision to donate.

Yes, everyday is a true gift. I often lose sight of the package that I get to open every single day. When that beautiful child comes bouncing into my room each morning to wake me up....it begins a new day that is to unfold. The gift is in whatever happens that day. 6 years ago I was clinging to every day and praying that my baby would open her eyes the next day. Today, I am blessed to watch her growing and becoming a child that I am so very proud of (and fiercely protective of).

Tomorrow marks 6 years since Emma was placed on the transplant list (after a 45 day wait from the time she was evaluated and deemed to be a "proper" candidate for a transplant. Insurance took 45 days!). Tomorrow I will cherish every breath that Emma takes, and I will breath a lot easier than I did 6 years ago. I will be enjoying the gift!!

Here's Miss Em 6 years ago....do you see her glowing eyes? She was such a pistol....even when she felt lousy....she would never keep her oxygen in her nose!!


Brandi said...

What an amazing 6 years she has given to everyone! She has such an inspiring story and has moved me many times. Enjoy this day of remembering and celebrating the years to come!

Kristi said...

You are amazing and so is Emma.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Everyday is a gift! She is such a fighter for life!