Monday, January 11, 2010

Owen's girlfriend:)

I know that it seems like I have fallen off of the face of the Earth. Quite honestly, at times lately that has sounded like a good plan (no....I'm not suicidal or anything....just some things that are going on that are regard to Emma). Sometimes it's just easier for me to hide in my little hole than it is to share. So, I disappeared for awhile, BUT I am back now. I'm going to take a little break from my day-to-day Make-a-Wish trip postings, but I am going to share a few MAW pictures.

Owen FELL.IN.LOVE with Ariel. I may have mentioned this before, but he was quite smitten! However, he was totally playing hard to get. If you go to YouTube and type in Owen with Ariel you will see my little man in action. It is quite hilarious:).

Here are a couple of pictures of Owen and Ariel:


And here is a picture of our family in front of some of the 5 million lights from the Osbourne family spectacular! They lit up the streets in Disney Hollywood. It was fantastic!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Look its you! I dont know if I have seen you before:) Glad you are back!

Myssie said...

What a great family picture!! And the picture of Owen and Ariel making faces...priceless!! Love it!!

Brandi said...

There you are! What a beautiful family. The pictures with Owen and Ariel are too much...looks like she was breaking his heart.

Cindy said...

Great pictures! And I had no idea what you looked like, so it's great to see a picture! I know why Owen loves Ariel...her pretty red hair is so familiar. I love how he's playing hard to get!