Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Need a Reminder

Please remind me that even "normal" "healthy" children....GET SICK! Please tell me that my extremely lethargic, vomitting, diarrea covered, non-eating or drinking baby boy WILL get better soon. Please remind me that even though he is displaying all of those symptoms with NO does NOT mean that he has some form of cancer, his organs are not failing, and he has not had some disease since birth that has been undetected until now. PLEASE remind me of these things, because my mind is having a difficult time learning that! In part this is because of all that we have been through with Emma, but it is also because I have thrown myself into story after story about sick children. My heart aches for those families that are dealing with sick children day in and day out, and at times I have become obsessed with different children's stories. I understand what they are going through....I've been there. HOWEVER, I do not want to go through it again. And, while I KNOW That that is not what is happening.....I still need a little reminder that this is "just" a normal childhood illness, right??

Please tell me that my SILLY MONKEY will be back soon...hiding the remote control from us, laughing and running away from me with my cell phone, giving me big kisses as I walk out the door as he says, "Bye Mommy". I NEED to see that little rascal BACK in this house SOON!


The Joo said...

I think we all worry about stuff like this from time to time, and you have more reason than most, with your past experiences. But really, babies just go through phases and little "adjustments". He might just be teething (the all-encompassing baby-doesn't-feel-well excuse), he might have growing pains, he might have any number of normal childhood things. But you're a good mommy to care so much, I hope he get feeling better soon!

Cindy said...

I'm praying he's better soon. I know how it is, when you know too much, you fear the worst. Hugs!

Kelly said...

My "normal, healthy" child is sick right now too. Just hoping Max doesn't pick it up. Ava is much easier to handle when she is sick. Hope he is feeling better soon.

The picture is adorable!

Kelly F

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

That is an adorable boy!!! In a few days you will wont be worrying!

Kristi said...

Aww poor little guy. Yes I am reminding you.. Everything will be ok. Hope to hear he is better soon.