Saturday, August 01, 2009

Fun Times???

Well, just so you'll be encouraged to keep reading I will start with an Emma funny:). Tonight I was cleaning up our paint mess (more on that in a moment), I had my back turned on my 2 children for a moment, when I noticed that Owen had disappeared down the hall. I asked Emma if she could go see what her brother was doing, to which she replied, "No way! That's YOUR job....YOUR the Mommy". Yes, she is full of sass...but sometimes she says the funniest things:). OK, one more....the other day she saw a boat on TV. She said, "Look at the BIG boat Mom". I said, "What do you think they're going to do with that boat Em?". She said, "UMMMM, go fishing...I ASSUME". She cracks me up!

Anyway on to the FUN TIMES in our house. Well, we started painting our house on June 8th. I thought that it would take 2 weeks....HA! For one thing our house seems to be GROWING as I paint, but "little" things keep getting in our way too. Things like 3 out of 4 members of our family being in the E.R. in the last week...Tim went to the ER on a Sunday with chest pain. This was after our vehicle had broken down 3 hours away from home....and we had left him there (in a hotel) and came home with his mom. So, he's 3 hours away from home in the E.R. when he calls me to tell me that they think he is having a heart attack (at 2:30 AM), but to just go back to sleep and he will call me when he knows more (yeah RIGHT!). Anyway, he called back at 5:00 AM and it turned out to be "just" heartburn. PHEW!

Fast forward 5 days to a fabulous girls night out with my sister and my good friend. After yummy sushi we were getting ready to head to the Suzi Bogus concert, we had just shut the doors to my sisters car, were getting ready to pull out of our parking spot when WHAMMMMMM! A man on HEAVY narcotics ran into us....then he pushed us into the car in front of us, THEN, he hit us again....going up on the SIDE of my sister's car (his wheels were ON the window)...finally my sister steered her car far enough over that he bounced down. That sent me to the hospital in the ambulance, where I was fully checked out because I was having back pain and it felt like there was an ice pack on my shoulder. All was well, just some serious muscle soreness...PHEW!!

Go ahead a few more days to my previous post...the one where I asked for a reminder about how "normal healthy" kids get sick too. Well, they do....and I realize that now, actually I knew that then...I was just scared. However, my little guy did have to make a quick trip to the E.R. to get re-hydrated after over 36 hours of continual puking and diarrea. I knew that he needed to go in when it had been over 10 hours without any wet diapers...on top of the puking and diarrea. So, in I went with my overnight bag (OK, that's where the medical paranoid mom might have stepped in). I was quite amazed to actually get to go home that night (even if it was 3:00 AM) WITH my baby. What a concept???? It's never happened to me before:). Phew!! A little Zofran (anti-nausea medicine), lots of rest and some Advil/Tylenol....and he's on the mend! PHEW!! Thanks so much to those that posted on that last one. I really DO appreciate it.

So, back to the house painting. We have made a trip to Denver, had 2 cars break down (one at away from home...both needed new fuel pumps...hmmmm?), and now we are preparing for a trip to Boise to see our new nephew (baby boy named Karcher Kline _______________) in the midst of our anniversary (happy 8 years) and Em's 6th birthday (can you believe it?????). WHO HAS TIME TO PAINT A HOUSE???? We have 6 sides on our house and almost 2 months after starting we have 4 sides painted. Well, the important thing is ALL of the sides you can see from the street are painted. That's all that matters, right? Do I REALLY have to finish???

Never a dull moment around our house:). Hope that you are enjoying the last month of summer! I'm looking forward to our trip to Boise. It will be fun:).

Have to end this post with a fun 4th of July pic of Em and Ow....Enjoy:)


Kristi said...

Oh no what a rough week.. Sounds like you really need your trip. Have a great time. Love the picture.

Cindy said...

Wow! I am so glad you are all safe. What a scary week. Yes, your house paint can wait. I love Boise in the summer...I hope you have a great trip.