Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ditching being a mom

I had a meeting this afternoon, so I had to be away from school. This is the first time that Emma has been with a substitute teacher. I'm hoping that she did well. It's our music teacher who is subbing for, she does know all of my kids. Well, my meeting got done really early, and Emma knew that she was going to daycare after school. She LOVES going to daycare because #1 she gets to ride the bus all the way to town and #2 she gets to see her BFF Brindi (Brindi is only 4 and will be coming to our school next year). So, naturally when my meeting was dismissed early I knew that I couldn't go to pick her up too early. I decided to come home and spend some much needed...never found quality me time. I have ONE blissful hour for just me! AHHHHH!!! Why is it that I'm feeling a touch guilty about it?? Granted, it makes sense why I'm not picking Emma up, but I'm feeling a bit guilty about Owen. Here's my reasoning there....this is his naptime. Naptime is very much needed at the almost age of 6 months (can you believe that he's that old already?).

So, I'm off to enjoy my blissful hour....although now it is only about 50 minutes. AHHHH, I'm hearing bubbles from the bathtub calling my name!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im jealous, but hope you enjoyed!

The Joo said...

A whole hour of freedom? What would that be like?;) You should report back on how wonderful it was so I can live vicariously through you:)