Monday, August 04, 2008

The Big 5!!!

Dear Little Missy Moo Emma Loo,
I cannot believe that tomorrow it will be 5 years since I first saw your beautiful face. I remember the first time that I saw your long black hair and heard your sweet little cry. I knew at that moment that you were mine and I would do everything in my power to always protect you. You were my sweet precious baby, and I loved you more than life.

That first year was tough. I saw you fight for your life so many times. You hung on and successfully made it over every hurdle with ease. You amazed all of us including the medical professionals. I saw you in pain so many times, and I cried for you wishing that I could take your place and make the bad times go away. We saw you transform from the very fragile caterpillar to an amazing strong butterfly. You found your wings, and you flew! Everywhere that you would go people would comment on your beauty. You knew how to work a room. Your personality just shone, and there was rarely a moment when you were not smiling.

Today, I look at you and I am in awe. Life is still challenging in so many ways, however you never let it get you down. You are the strongest person that I know. Your beauty and personality have become even larger than I ever imagined they could be. I look at you when you are telling me, "NO MOMMY!" and while it makes me frustrated that you don't want to listen to me....I always take a step back and appreciate the spunky little spitfire girl that you have become. You are my baby that they said would never you run from me laughing. You are my baby that they said would never talk, as you sing the song, "ONE DAY!" over and over and over and over.

Sing away sweet songbird. Your voice is the sweetest most wonderful sound that I have ever heard. Your mission in life is unknown, but you have already accomplished so much. Everyday I thank God that you have made it through all that you have. You are my angel sent from Heaven above to teach me and so many others about love and patience. Thank you for choosing me to be your Momma! I am one lucky lady.


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