Thursday, September 21, 2006

Was this how Van Gogh started?

Emma's therapists brought some large ink pads over the other day. They also brought many stamps thinking that Emma could do a "cute little stamping project". Emma took the 1st stamp and with a gleam in her eye she tossed it across the room. Then she proceeded to stick her entire hand on the stamp pad...and that is where the fun began. The therapists soon realized that the clothes needed to come off. So, Emma found a new joy in life. She had so much the pictures below will tell. She also made an awesome picture for our wall...far better than ANY stamps would have done!

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I'm thinking about sending Em's GI doctor this picture and asking him...."I'm pretty sure this isn't jaundice (from liver disease)...but, what would cause this discoloring of her stomach? LOL!!! This is actually her tummy....the finished product!!

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Van Gogh.....EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!! Do you think this is how he started??? HMMMMM?????


LCRsMom said...

Very cute! I have to admit though, it was tough for me to see the scar on her tummy. I felt for her....

Amy said...

I LOVE this! Oh, what a great Mom you are for pulling out the tarp and letting her have at it. I'm so glad you did! I think the best part is the scarline in the tummy pic...makes it a very powerful that says "see? I can do anything! and it's beautiful!"
God Bless Miss Emma...what a total sweetheart.

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LCRsMom said...

I'm so sorry! No offense was meant in the slightest! I think Emma is strong too and I never meant insult at all! I think Emma is beautiful and wonderful!