Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Life blooms as the flowers wilt away

Life is blooming here in our little corner of the world. When I look out my window there is a heavvy haze in the air from the brutal forrest fires that are taking their toll on our surrounding states, but looking past it I can see the leaves begin to turn the beautiful crimson and orange of the impending fall. Blooming...in the fall? I know that it may sound as if I have the seasons mixed up. Lord knows that in Wyoming when the seasons are changing we dare not blink before the next season is here. I do know the difference between fall and spring (after all...it is a 1st grade benchmarks).

I guess by "blooming" I mean within our household and within our lives. Life is finally just EASY...and I never thought that I would EVER be able to say that again (and I am knocking on wood vigorously...and using strong caution while typing this). Emma is blooming! I have come to the conclusion that once you have a child life really does cease to be about you any more....and when you have a sick child on top of it...well, just forget about life ever being about you again. However, I don't want it to be about me. I stand in her glory and look at her with awe. The obstacles that she has faced and overcome are inspiring....and she continually impresses me every single day. Yes, she is blooming. She is eating like a champ, she is using the big girl potty (with the assistance of the Elmo Potty video....and it is still not real consistant...but, I'll take what I can get), she is talking more and more every day, she has a strong will and determination that just flounders me!! AND....are you ready for this???....she is going to start pre-school!!

One day a week my little princess will go to pre-school. I'm SO excited!! She will start on Oct. 5....and yes, I already have her outfit (complete with matching shoes) picked out....are you surprised??

It amazes me how much more relaxed life can be when things are somewhat "normal" (I know Becky....normal is JUST a setting on the dryer). Life may never be everyone else's version of normal in our house, but I will enjoy our "easy" moments while I watch Emma bloom:).


Amy said...

Wishing for lots of easy moments ahead for all of you. :)
Enjoy our normalcy! Hugs to Miss Emma.

LCRsMom said...

What a saying! "Normal is just a setting on the dryer." I really like that!

Beautiful post. Emma will be thought of often on her first day of preschool! You better post pictures - I'd love to see them!