Monday, September 18, 2006

Go Broncos!

Emma is a true Bronco fan through and through thanks to Aunt Becky and Uncle Joe! We are pretty sure they won yesterday because their petite mini cheerleader was wearing the jersey. What do you think? Wouldn't you win a game if you saw that sweet face? Go Broncos!!!

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Gufo said...

nice blog, best of luck to Emma and all the family!!! ;-)

Becca - Natalie's mommy said...

How adorable is she?!
Love you all.

2DISCO said...

How much cuter can she get?

Thanks Em for all the help, we sure needed it! You are adorable! Sending a big mooch and hug your way.......B

rnp said...

OH she is so cute!!!

LCRsMom said...

LOVE IT! We need to get her and Lily together to watch a game! My Aunt just bought Lily a Broncos cheerleader outfit, and even Leo has a Broncos onesie. LOL. we torture our kids with dressing up! :)