Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Impossible

Maybe "fate" is trying to tell me something. The last 3 mornings when Emma and I have gotten in the car the same song has been on the radio. It is the song "Impossible". The chorus goes like this:

Unsinkable ships sink
Unbreakable walls break
Sometimes the things you think will never happen
Happen just like that

Unbendable steal bends
when the fury of the wind is unstoppable
I've learned to never underestimate....the impossible!

It is ironic to have the SAME song on the radio every time that you enter the car for 3 days in a row. However, it is also strange that I am currently reading the book titled Danielle Steel ( does not have the deep rooted meaning that the chorus to the song is a mindless read and right now that is what I need).

Then, as I was driving into town today I saw a billboard that said in bold letters:

Is lightening going to strike me down next??

I have seen the possible happen when it seemed as if it were truly impossible due to the circumstances. Emma was 10 pounds when she received a liver from a 17 year old that weighed 115 pounds. Possible?? You bet it sassy little princess is shear proof that it is entirely possible!

BELIEVE BELIEVE BELIEVE!! I do believe there is a higher power that leads us in the direction of our destiny. I have thought about this so much lately.

Next week we have Miss Emma's yearly IEP meeting. I truly despise these meetings. I feel as if they are set up simply to tell a parent how far behind their child is from the "norms". Now, my child does not and never has fit into the "norms". It is not "normal" for an infant to turn yellow at 3 weeks of age...and be crying tears of gold at three months. It is not normal for a 7 month old child to need a new liver in order to see her 1st birthday. However, the sparkle in her eye when she sees a bird land on a tree is very "normal". The way she sleeps with her little hands folded together (as if she is praying) and tucked under her sweet little face is "normal". The way that she walks is NOW "normal". She colors, stacks things, follows directions....all very normal. In those ares she has caught up to her "normal" peers. However, what her IEP will focus on is her speech. Do I seriously WANT to know what her age equivalent is for her speech? Exactly what does that do to the pride of parenthood when you know that your child is by no means "normal" in that area? Do they REALLY need to TELL me that? SIGH!!! HELLO folks....It is more than POSSIBLE that Emma's speech is going to be OK one just have to BELIEVE!

My quote for the day: A child may only be a person in the world, but that child may be the world to a person.

Is your child your world??? I know that mine is, and I know that she is such an important part of the world of so many others. I've learned to never underestimate....the impossible!


graymama said...

I have been on the other side of the IEP table as a special ed teacher. I do not think they are fun for anyone. They are meant to be an update as well as a brainstorming session for what to do next. I am sorry that they cause you unecessary stress.


LCRsMom said...

I feel for you about the IEP. I'm sorry that it's that way for you. I have to say I've been lucky either because of denial or because my attitude has always been "so what!" if Lily can't do certain things. We will positively work with what she can do and encourage from there. There are days where I get frustrated and feel for her that she can't be like any other child, so I do understand you. I will pray that it goes well for you and they are more positive than not!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking a lot about similar issues, about how joyful I am by what my little Miss E can do...rather than standing her up along side the standards of so-called typical children.

Sometimes it is difficult to consider where your child actually is on that scale because it can be sort of depressing...hopefully you can focus on all the good things she already does rather than what she cannot do as yet.

Patyrish said...

I hate IEP's as much as you do. I get a knot in my stomach everytime. It's one thing to KNOW your child is not "normal" and another thing to be told by a professional she is "this abnormal compaired to her peers". I feel your pain.

Becca - Natalie's mommy said...

I just wanted to let you know that I loved your "Impossible" story. Much love to Miss Em!