Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ready for the Modeling World?

Emma just got a new swimsuit, and yes it did snow the day that we got it. However, she insisted on putting it on. She LOVES it!! She runs and twirls....she is just the cutest!! I just had to share a couple of pictures. After she had it on a little while I told her we needed to change her clothes because we had to go to the store (and it was snowing). She went and grabbed her snowboots, and she tried to let me put them on WITH her swimsuit. Too cute!!

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2DISCO said...

Miss Em, you are adorable! Happy Heart Day! Those pictures made my day! Wish I looked that great in a suit! Aunt Becky will teach you about tanning:) Thanks for sharing Angie!

Laurie said...

I could eat her up! What a cutie!

Kristen (Havalah's mom) said...

Emma looks adorable in her new swimsuit. We're having snow here today too. i think we're actually having "thunder snow" which is truly a strange phenomenon. I sooo want to call work and ask if I *really* have to come in to work tonight, but they would probably just laugh or be irritated.

Sarah said...

That is adorable!

Becca - momofnataliebear said...

Look at you Miss Em! What a doll!

(And yeah, we're having "Thunder Snow" too like Kristen - that suit is making me cold!!!

But it (and the girl modeling it) is adorable!!!

Mika said...

Hi there Angie,

Just checking y our blog to see whats going on for you... Miss Emma looks adorable as usual! Love the up do in her hair too. Om also posting to your reply on Liver Families.

Hang in there.... BIG HUG!!!