Saturday, February 04, 2006

At Last.....Goodbye

Before Emma had her transplant the doctors had her on many medicines and vitamins to attempt to get the liver to function. We had to hold her down and put med after med into her mouth, then turn her over so she could throw them up...and repeat. We fought with the insurance company time and time again because the prescriptions were "vitamins"..however they were vitamin A, D, E, and K that people (especially infants) do not usually have to take, AND you could not get them over the counter. I did end up winning against the insurance company, but I knew that the overall picture did not show that I was "winning" baby's liver was not working.

Then, the transplant came, and life became so much better. I remember seeing Emma's skin turning from the orange color it was pre-transplant to a glorious pink. When we asked if we would need the vitamins and pre-transplant meds, our GI doctor chuckled a bit and said "you might hang onto them for a while for GOOD LUCK". He said many times people threw them out right away and developed complications (surely no relation, but I am a bit superstitious...especially at this point...I will do ANYTHING to make my baby healthy). So, those meds traveled with us from room to room in the hospital, to the Ronald McDonald House, and they came home with us to be safely placed in a dark corner in my closet...where they were completely forgotten about...until today.

Yes, today was the day that I finally decided to clean out my closet (it has not thoroughly been cleaned since before Emma was born). As I got to the back of the closet I found a plastic bag that was heavy. I opened it up to find Em's pre-transplant meds!!! I had to take a picture, and then I smiled and cheered as I threw them in the dumpster! It is time to say Goodbye...AT LAST!!!!

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Lisa (Aidens mom) said...

OK crying.. that one GOT me...

As Aiden would say, "See ya later YUCKY MEDS!"

2DISCO said...

Hip Hip HOORAY!!! On to the future with both barrels blazing! Good for all of you!

Laurie said...

Just saw this one and had to comment. When I asked about Anthony taking the vitamins post transplant, they said, "NOPE!" so I dumped those things FAST. Then I remembered that I had just paid for them (out of pocket...we lost our fight with insurance on that one) and they were around $600 worth of meds just paid for (some not even opened!) that were flushed. DAMN!

I love the picture, though. You better scrapbook that one!