Monday, December 12, 2005

Our "poopy" weekend

Our weekend was actually wonderful...I will get to the title in a few minutes. Emma and I went to Billings to do Christmas shopping for Daddy:) We had a great time...minus the madness at the mall experience where I suddenly wished that I had a button I could push on Em's stroller that would put a gigantic bubble over her. I could just see the nasty little germ monsters making their way to my precious girl's lips...UGH! Also, in any store that she was in a cart. I wanted to make a sign that said, "I know I'm cute...but keep your hands OFF!". Why is it that complete strangers feel like they have to touch her. So, Purell once again gets a boost in the economy from the obsessive mother who bathes her child in hand sanitizer anytime anyone gets near her! I swear that I should buy stock in the stuff. Dear Santa, In case you are reading this....just fill my stocking with hand sanitizer please!

Anyway, we met Becky in Billings. We had a great lunch and then we did some shopping and had some great laughs. It was a much needed break from everyday life. Emma was so sad to see Becky say good-bye. The alligator tears must have fallen for at least 15 minutes!

Yesterday, we gave the Grizzwolds (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie) a run for their money. Much to my husbands chagrin we put up lights on the outside of the house! We bought a new snowman this year...and he just HAD to be put together. So, I was happy when the weather warmed up! (Tim said, "No lights outside if it stays this cold!!!" Last week it was below zero, but it was a balmy 30 degrees yesterday!). We were able to get all of the lights up during naptime, so we did not have our "little helper". However, after she woke up she did "help" me to make an enormous wreath for the front of our house. We made it out of a hoola-hoop and the left over branches from the tree. Every Christmas ball that I put on....Emma took off. It was a fun little game. She would laugh and laugh and run away from me with the ball.

Now, for the reason for the title. Emma successfully went poopy on the potty 2 times this weekend!!! WOOHOO! It is just a start, but I am SO excited about this new adventure. I'm sure when Emma is 16 and reads this BLOG she will be SO excited that her Mom shared this information too:)

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